Thursday, April 20, 2017

Been a long time . . . .

It has been almost three years since the last post.  It has been a long time.  Ms. Dellicker obtained her Advanced Certified Paralegal designation from NALA.  Ms. Azure George has become an ace legal assistant and legal logistics expert and marketing evaluator.  Ms. Held knows more about probate that she ever wanted to know.  Professor Sledge joined us as a legal assistant trainee.  And, we are still trying to find the right bilingual legal assistant for our soon to be two year old Yakima office.

This is also the tenth year in practice for me, all of it in rural Kittitas county as well as King County, Yakima and a few other counties.  As I write, I am doing a brief mini vacation to Las Vegas.  I often find myself wondering what it would be like to practice in a large city like this.  An attorney could specialize in any number of areas of practice.  In rural areas, unless you are a criminal or a government attorney you have to be a generalist if you are a civil practitioner.

People are surprised by my business law skills, lawyers and clients.  But, I rarely get to use them here.  Over the years, we have solved some really intractable problems for people in several different areas of practice.  We have also provided some representation for folks with nearly lost cause cases.  Some potential clients beg me to take cases that I really don't have the background or the resources for and they are hurt when I turn them away.  Others, when I am willing to take their case, and, it is not really the most complex case on the planet, do a fairly good job of making you feel like dirt on their way to another attorney's office.

Warning:  If I seem cranky, it is because I am.  It comes with the territory.

In short, you can't win them all.