Monday, February 27, 2012

Water Law and General Practice Lawyering in a Small Town

With years of administrative bungling behind us here in Kittitas County, but not resolved, and the general tendency of potential clients, and even one unnamed wannabee legislator, to think a property owner should and can do whatever they want when it comes to water diversion, well drilling and simple adherence to a panopoly of laws involving water use and streambed modification, it is pretty difficult not to be touched by a water problem of one sort or another here where I live and work.  On a sheer gross dollar earned for clients water law cases (including flood damage work) this has been one of the more active areas of law my office has been involved in that I never set out to take on when I first hung out my shingle.  And, unfortunately, these are never easy cases to resolve and they are expensive to bring to settlement and or trial for both parties.  But, if you are looking for local counsel, I am available for consults on water issues as well as my standard liness of business, probate and estate planning law.

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