Saturday, May 24, 2008

When Lawyers Are the Heroes

Having attended Seattle University School of Law during the time that the Wenatchee Child Sex Ring convictions were beginning to be reversed, I watched the FLDS cases proceed with great interest. I'm also a member of the mainstream LDS church, and, surprisingly, only once have had to clarify the difference for a person who actually knew better anyway. The Texas Bar Association, Texas Access to Equal Justice, Texas ACLU, ACLU and Texas Rio Grande Legal Assistance have all, through their members and staff attorneys, made a huge difference in these past few weeks in protecting every American's constitutional freedoms.

I support enforcement of Statutory Rape laws, enforcement of State and Federal Labor laws, and enforcement of the laws pertaining to public assistance fraud. I also do not support expansion of marriage beyond what it is currently constituted as in the forty-eight states that only permit marriage between one man and one woman regardless of who it is that wants an alternative form of marriage. Having made that disclaimer, I've also followed the R Kelly child porn trial simultaneously with the FLDS follies in Texas. R has also had a high profile marriage to a 15 year old. His trial is an interesting counterpart to the FLDS legal follies in Texas.