Saturday, October 20, 2007

Local politics

It's been a long week for me and find myself wondering why I care. Then I wonder why others care. I haven't found a good answer to that. For some it's money, others its power and influence, and many, many others seem to truly desire to make our community better.

A few random thoughts:

You cannot build a thriving economy on real estate development alone.

Retirement planning based on a real estate portfolio without diversification is risky business. I'm sorry if you find yourself in this position. My office can help on a number of fronts from estate planning to corporate reorganization.

Water is a finite resource.

Laws are somewhat fluid and subject to court interpretation.

Judges, with relatively few exceptions, are honest, unbiased individuals who do not prejudge matters regardless of their political affiliations.

Citizens have constitutional protections both at the State and Federal level that permit them to engage their government.

The Washington State constitution provides a greater level of protection and rights for Washingtonians than does the Federal constitution.

Those elevated rights under the State Constitution include the right to recall elected officials.

To quote (paraphrase) the Daily record, " elected officials represent all their constituents, not just the ones they agree with."

There are state statutes that impose penalties for tampering with the voting process. Tampering includes threats and intimidation.

Federal statutes such as RICO, the anti-racketeering law also may come into play.

We should all exercise our right to vote, for we women that right was hard fought and paid for over 50 years of court, legislative, and grass roots effort in this state. No one should take that away from any of us by any means.